Ekoscope automated somatic cells counting system

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  • Ekoscope

    automated somatic cells counting system

    EKOSCOPE is a complete automated somatic cells counting system, based on the direct microscopic method, consisting of two sections EKOSCOPE-FPS1 and EKOSCOPE-SCC1 designed to detect mastitis as well as for complex research applications. The design of the system and the Windows-based software make measurement taking and data processing simple and convenient.

    Key Features

    • Simple and lightweight design;
    • Proven method;
    • Car battery useable;
    • Cost effective:
      1. Low power consumption;
      2. Very small quantity of milk required 10ml;
    • LCD indication;
    • Power supply independent;
    • Data collection mode for storing up to 250 records with information about supplier ID, time and somatic cells number;
    • Embedded Real time clock
    • Measuring accuracy adjustment can be done by the user;
    • RS 232 Interface;
    • ESC POS Printer Support
    • One year full warranty;

In order to determine the number of somatic cells you must only:

  1. put the film under the microscope and focus it;
  2. set the number of the analyzed optical fields;
  3. wait for the result;
  • Biological microscope;
  • Automatic system for moving the microscope's stage in transversal and longitudinal directions;
  • Color CCD camera;
  • PC;
  • Software for managing the system:
    1. calculates the microscope factor;
    2. controls the automatic movement of the microscope's stage;
    3. captures the images from the microscope;
    4. counts the number of somatic cells in each optical field;
    5. the SCC (number/ml) in the milk sample;
    6. stores the data;
    7. prints the data.