Ekomilk Scanfast and cost effective control of milk quality in dairy farms and dairy enterprises

  • Alkotest Analyzer

    provide easy, fast and accurate sample measurement of the ethyl alcohol

    Alkotest analyzers are intended for measurement of the ethyl alcohol volume contends in wine distillate and water alcohol mixtures. Alkotest Analyzers provide easy, fast and accurate sample measurement based on advanced ultrasonic technology.

    Key Features

    • Simple and lightweight design;
    • Proven method;
    • Car battery useable;
    • Cost effective:
      1. Low power consumption;
      2. Very small quantity of milk required 10ml;
    • LCD indication;
    • Power supply independent;
    • Data collection mode for storing up to 250 records with information about supplier ID, time and somatic cells number;
    • Embedded Real time clock
    • Measuring accuracy adjustment can be done by the user;
    • RS 232 Interface;
    • ESC POS Printer Support
    • One year full warranty;
    EKOSCOPE complete automated somatic cells counting system

Fast and reliable test for early detection of mastitis infections!

Standart parameters
Measuring Range -Somatic Cells count per 1 ml 90 000 - 1 500 000
Accuracy ±5%
Average time per one measurement 4 min