EKOMILK Ultrasonic Milk Analyzersrobust, reliable, automated multi-parameter milk analyzers providing rapid test results

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EKOMILK BOND Ultrasonic Milk Analyzers

EKOMILK BOND Ultrasonic Milk Analyzers

EKOMILK BOND with its new compact design is provided in 3 different models. One of the main advantages of EKOMILK BOND STANDARD is availability of ultrasonic processor for fast removal of air from the milk sample mostly applicable for measuring of buffalo milk or at places where aeration of milk is a problem. EKOMILK BOND TOTAL as a complex solution with additional measuring parameters titratable acidity in the pH module and indication for abnormal conductivity rate is advisable in all applications. EKOMILK iBOND is operating as unique Automated Milk Collection Unit including specially designed hardware and software for automated milk payment procedures.

  • Easy to use and to maintain, reliable and automated;
  • Multi-parameter milk analysis, high accuracy;
  • Fast and cost-efficient analysis
  • Power supply 220-240V/110-120V AC or 12V DC;
  • GSM/GPRS option - E-mail, SMS, FTP, Remote Management;

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