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Electronic ebulliometer

Electronic ebulliometer

Electronic Ebulliometer is designed for measurement of ethyl alcohol content percentage in wine. Electronic Ebulliometer provides easy, fast and accurate measurement, based on classic method and advanced electric technology.

Time per one measurement d 180 sec.

  • Compact
  • Automatic power control
  • Low sample volume
  • Automatic reading of boiling point
  • Automatic alcohol contents calculation

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Alkotest series Analyzers are intended for measurement of the ethyl alcohol volume contents in wine distillate and water alcohol mixtures. Alkotest Analyzers provide easy, fast and accurate sample.

  • Simple and lightweight design;
  • Power supply independent;
  • Data collection mode for storing up to 250 records with information about supplier ID, time and somatic cells number;
  • Measuring accuracy adjustment can be done by the user;
  • RS 232 Interface;

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pH Meter bulteh 2000

pH Meter

pH measurements are performed in practically any laboratory. The PHT004TA is delivered with a plastic body pH electrode, but your are entirely free to select each other suitable for your purposes electrode.

  • super pure, drinking, river and sea water;
  • Aqueous solutions of salts;
  • alcoholic solutions of salts;
  • acids, bases and other chemically active liquids;
  • milk, wine, soft carbonated and non-carbonated drinks;
  • pH of solid substances (e.g. cheese, yellow cheese, yoghurt, etc.) by means of a special pH electrode.

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