EKOMILK-AMP mini lab

automated, easy-to-use system for smart farming

An automated, easy-to-use system + Cloud-based Animal Monitoring Platform for smart farming, food security, animal health care and high-quality of food production and supplies.

    • Fully automated;
    • 55 sec average measurement time
    • Less than 0.03 euro/test and with a 90% correlation coefficient for common user scenarios;
    • Cloud-based Animal Monitoring Platform (AMP) with remote calibration module
    • Automatic simultaneous feeding of 49 milk samples
    • Wifi / USB / RS 232
    • Numeric keyboard support;
    • ESC POS Printer built in;
  • Integrated Milk Collection environment
  • EKOMILK-AMP mini lab

    Ekomilk Horizon milk analysers Series performs fully-automated, on-farm, fast and reliable SCC and multi-parameter milk analysis at €0.03/test and with over 95% correlation coefficient for common user scenarios;

    Ekomilk Horizon Essential (EHE) – instrument for SCC measurement and USB, Wi-Fi, RS232 connectivity ports;

    Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited (EHU) – upgrades Essential with measurement of milk composition: fat content, protein content, SNF, density, freezing point, added water, lactose, conductivity, PH;

    EKOMILK-AMP mini lab

    Peripheral devices for automation and integration:

    • Sample Feeder (AMSF) for automatic simultaneous feeding of 49 milk samples to Ekomilk Horizon milk analyser;
    • Automatic milk sampler (AMS) for connection to every milking position for conventional parlours or direct connection to milking robots,
    • RFID and barcode reader (BR) integration for cow and sample vial identification, an external keyboard and a milk weighing scale integration unit.
    EKOMILK-AMP mini lab

    Cloud-based Animal Monitoring Platform (AMP) with data collection modules and open APIs for integration of 3rd party tools and services; automated dashboards per cow and for the herd, remote instrument maintenance and calibration module, tele-vet and inter-stakeholder collaboration modules.

  • Environmental Conditions
    Ambient air temperature 15° - 30°C
    Milk temperature 5° - 35°C
    Relative humidity 30% - 80%
    Power supply
    AC Power Supply voltage 100 - 240 V AC +10/-15%
    Power Consumption 50W max
    Mechanical Parameters
    Ekomilk HORIZON
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 270 х 320 х 320 mm
    Weight < 6.5 kg
    Sample Feeder
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 460 х 650 х 280 mm
    Weight 12.5 kg

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