Ekomilk Mini Dairy Plant 120 L

for Production of Variety of Dairy products

Ekomilk Mini Dairy Plant is designed for processing of up to 120L of dairy products, such as:

  • soft and fresh cheese;
  • hard cheese;
  • yogurt;
  • pasteurized fresh milk;

The plant is processing automatically or manually dairy products through thermal cycles of heating and cooling, pasteurization and subsequent coagulation.

Ekomilk Mini Dairy 120L can be used directly at:

  • Milk producers / vendors site;
  • Milk collecting points;
  • Village vendor centers;
  • Milk processing companies;
  • Restaurants;
  • Supermarkets, etc.
    • Automatic processing up to 120 l of milk through thermal cycles of heating and cooling;
    • Keeping of temperature according to the specific technology requirements;
    • Dosing control function ensures different volumes of milk products;
    • The machine works with automatic cycles that can be launched by a single operator through the control console;
    • Inbuilt receipts for production of popular milk products (yoghurt under BG standard, white brined cheese from cow/goat milk, white brined cheese from sheep milk, soft Italian type of cheese);
    • Up to 5 more receipt can be created / edited by the customer and saved in the memory for subsequent automatic processing;
    • Thermostatic regime – the processing vat can operate as a thermostatic camera with manually set up of temperature and time by the operator.;
    • Heating works through а circular electrically heated water jacket inside the dairy machine and ensures “soft heating” that doesn't damage the nutrients in the milk.
    • Fast heating – manual switch from 10 kW to 20 kW.
    • Monitoring of the temperature difference between the hot water and the milk - never exceeds 15°C.
    • The wall in contact with the milk keeps practically clean during the production cycle.
    • Cooling requires tap water. The produced hot water can be used for other technological purposes. Possibility for connection of external cooling system.
    • Compact dimensions allow to install the equipment anywhere.

  • Rated working volume 120 L
    Minimal working volume 45 L
    Maximal working volume 135 L
    Cold water flow/consumption 15 ÷ 40 L/min
    Stirrer speed Up to 30 rev./min
  • Power supply
    AC Power Supply voltage 220V/380V, 50 Hz
    Installed power 10 kW / 20 kW
    Mechanical Parameters
    - length 1180 mm
    - width 800 mm
    - height (with control panel) 1500 mm
    - height (without control panel) 1000 mm
    Net Weight 275 kg

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