determine the inhibitors presence in milk

EKOTEST is designed to determine the presence of antibiotics and inhibitors in milk and can be used to make a fast and easy laboratory evaluation of the biological properties and technological suitability of the raw product. Suitable for a wide range of applications in the milk processing industry. The test will establish presence of the antibiotics most widely used in the prevention and treatment of diseases in milk animals and particularly mastitides.

An universal microprocessor based device featuring easy operation and reliability. It`s functionality makes it suitable also for other laboratory purposes.

The device is sutable for both laboratories-based and field-based measurements.

    • Fast checking: 10 minutes
    • Use of small quantities and cheap reagents
    • Simultaneous testing of 6 samples
    • Water bath incubator
    • Active substance
    • Test tubes with stoppers: 12 pcs.
    • Audio signalisation upon reaching preset time and temperature;
    • Stand
    • Bottles with reagents: 2 pcs.
  • Incubation Conditions
    Temperature of incubation: 30° - 65°C, adjustable
    Accuracy of temperature read-out: ±0.5°C
    Timer range: 0 – 12 h, accuracy 1 sec, adjustable
    Capacity: 6 pockets, for test tubes 160/16 mm
    Power supply
    AC Power Supply voltage 220V +10%/-15%
    Power Consumption 1. for heating: 60W
    2. for stabilization: 20W
    Mechanical Parameters
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 104 x 238 x 275 mm
    Weight < 3.3 kg
  • List of antibiotics and drugs with inhibition in raw and pasteurized milk Minimal inhibition dose mg/ml
    Amixicillin 0.005
    Ampicillin 0.005
    Bacitracin 0.1
    Cephalexin 0.07
    Cephazolin 0.05
    Ceftiofur 0.07
    Erythromycin 0.4
    Lincospectin 0.02
    Lipomycin 0.2
    Mastijet 0.05
    Oxytetracycline 0.1
    Pandex 0.5
    Penicillin G 0.002
    Pharmazin 0.05
    Streptomycin 0.25
    Sulfadimethoxine 0.1
    Sulfamethazine 0.1
    Sulfathiazile 0.1
    Tetracycline 0.1

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