Mayalact is a unique, high purity, lactose-reducing liquid lactase enzyme to produce high quality lactose reduced or lactose free milk and milk based products. The first reason of necessity of lactase is lactose intolerance which is a kinf of genetically determined digestion intolerance observed all around the world in different frequencies. Approximately 70% of the worl population suffers to some degree from lactose intolerance. Lactose can be hydrolyzed by treating lactase to avoid digestion problem of milk and milk-based product consumers. By treating milk and milk-based products with Mayalact®, the lactose is degraded into a mixture consisting primarily of glucose and galactose. By this means lactase can be used also for technological advantages such as avoiding crystallization of lactose in milk based blends.

Mayalact fulfils the requirements of food quality enzymes designated by FCC/JECFA.

Mayalact 5000 and Mayalact 2000 is a lactase enzyme produced by fermentation of Kluyveromyces lactis which is suitable to produce lactose reduced and lactose free milk.

Mayalact®2800 FC is active within the pH and temperature ranges found in milk products and milk processing conditions. It can be used in different processes (batch process, sterile filtration and an aseptic dosing unit) to produce lactose-free milk. MAYALACT® 2800 FC is also well-suited to work within the pH and temperature conditions used for fermented milk products such as yogurt.

  • Resistant at higher temperatures and higher acid conditions in the process
  • No GOS formation
  • No Amylase, invertase and Protease side effects
Mayalact 2000 2000 NLU/g 20 kg, 30 kg
Mayalact 5000 5000 NLU/g 20 kg, 30 kg
Mayalact 2800 FC 2800 NLU/g 20 kg, 30 kg

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