Lysozyme is an enzyme, obtained from white eggs, which is used for inhibition of spore-forming bacteria (Clostridium tyrobutyricum, among other microorganisms).

Lysozyme does not affect the development of starter cultures.

Lysozyme is an enzyme used to prevent the problem known as “late blowing”, which is the formation of gas during the fermentation that can occur in the ripening process of certain types of cheeses. The effects of the formation of non desired gas can result in cracks in the texture due to the formation of irregular holes, undesired flavours and odours and ultimately the cheese can break.

  • The flavour and smell are preserved during the ripening process.
  • Eliminates the concern of the post-contamination that can occur when using mechanic means to eliminate the bacteria, such as the centrifugation (bactofugation).
  • When mechanical elimination of bacteria is used, Lysozyme chloride can be added in small doses to reduce the risk of post-contamination in all the cheese making process.
  • The product is halal and kosher certified.
  • Lysozyme is available in liquid and powder forms.

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