Starter Cultures for Production of Variety of Dairy products

Valiren® Starter Cultures are manufactured with selected strains to to obtain the best dairy products.

Type of dairy products VALIREN:

  • Yoghurt Cultures
  • Yoghurt Drink Cultures
  • Cheese Cultures
    • Semi-Hard, Hard Cheese
    • White Cheese / Feta Cheese
    • Fresh Cheese
    • Soft Cheese
    • Mozarella
    • Kashkaval
    • Cottage
    • Cheddar
  • Protective Cultures
  • Kefir Cultures

For all kinds of starter cultures we offer:

  • Technological support in the production process;
  • Test samples, competitive prices and a flexible discount system;
  • Packaging according to customer's requirements;
  • International Standard ISO:22000 Certification.

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